Bulk Bag

Bulk Bag
Jumbo Bag
Big Bag
Bulk Bag


  • Advanced Technology in Bulk Packaging to provide most economical price and reliable FIBC to customers.
Big Bag
Bulk Bag

  • Jumbo bags / FIBC / Antistatic Bag
  • Box bags, coverings, silo bags
  • Jumbo sling bags
  • Plastic sheeting for truck, warehouse floor, and agricultural product yard coverings
  • PE inner bags for pallet wrapping, product coverings
  • Accessories – rope, sewing thread.


   • Standard Bag
   • Cross Corner
   • U-Panel
   • 2 Loop Bag
   • Baffle Bag
   • UN Bag
   • Sling Bag
   • Webbing
   • Rope
   • Sewing Thread
   • Fabric
   • Closing Devices
   • Standard Liner (LLDPE)
   • Shaped Liner (LLDPE)
   • Aluminum Liner



  Jumbo Bag
       Siamflexpack, established in 1993, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of world-class FIBCs (flexible intermediate bulk container) in Thailand . We provide excellent bag design and technical services to fit all the variety requirement in filling, storing and transportations equipment, which definitely results in lowering logistic time and cost.

    Our annual bag production capacity is 2,000,000 units while for polypropylene sewing thread it reaches up to 300 tons. We have a Total of 850 employees at present.

    With over a decade of experience, we have confidence in our high standards and are proud of the trust and loyalty shown by TUVNORD International Certification to meet on ISO 9001:2000 Standard and our valued customers both in Thailand and overseas in such countries as Japan , USA , Australia etc.

Big Bag
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